About Us

About Us

Since the first day, Mr. Shoty has been aiming to guide the airgun shooting sector in the best and most accurate way possible. It designs its products with the best quality and performs production in the most efficient way. It uses a unique packaging method to eliminate the differences that occur during production. It provides an unfailing marketing understanding by specifying even the slightest changes between its products. No mistakes. It does not leave quality, trust and customer satisfaction to chance.


Standing out by making a difference with the quality products it introduces to the market and the innovative perspective it adds to the sector. Standing in a steady place with a reliable stance. Mr. Shoty believes that airgun shooting culture should be experienced in accordance with its nature as a brand that values ethical values. It chooses to eliminate the known mistakes by making on-the-spot instructions. It creates awareness by acting in this direction.


  • A. : Yedi Eylül Mah. 5568 Sok.k. No: 3 / 1 Torbalı / İzmir - Turkey
  • P. : +90 232 853 30 23
  • E. : info@mrshoty.com